Antonio Stradivari's original tools

Housed in the Stradivari museum Cremona, Italy

Stradivari's Cradle

Stradivari's Mold

Stradivarius G Mold

Stradivarius P Mold

Stradivari's cradle
Used to hold the belly and back
(or entire violin)
while carving and scraping.

Stradivari's PG mold
One of the Master's favorites and used to make Itzhak Pearlman's "Soil" Stradivarius violin

Stradivari's G mold

Stradivari's P mold

Stradivarius Clamping Blocks

Antonio Stradivarius Tools

Stradivari's Finger Planes

Stradivarius Scrapers

Clamping Blocks for gluing the ribs onto the cornerblocks

A closer look

Stradivari's finger planes

Stradivari's scrapers
For smoothing the wood instead of sandpaper

Stradivarius Calipers

Stradivarius Tools

Stradivari's Tools

Stradivarius Tools

Stradivari's thickness calipers

Stradivari's thickness marking tool
There are still small marks inside some of his instruments from this tool

A steel thickness caliper
(sorry about the cut off picture)

Miscellaneous marking tools that Stradivari used

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