Ordering Books

"The Master Luthier", "Choice of Loves" and "Clay Angel"
are available at fine bookstores everywhere and

amazon.com / "Two Trees"

amazon.com / “Choice of Loves”

amazon.com / “Clay Angel”

Caution: When purchasing used copies from amazon.com or from local book stores, insist on copyright 2006 editions of "Two Trees" (The Master Luthier). (The edition everyone is raving about.)

discount prices ($9.95 each + S&H) on the latest autographed copies of
"The Master Luthier," (2007 edition) "Choice of Loves" and "Clay Angel"

Email the following information to: theluthier@infowest.com
subject "purchase books"

Name of book(s) (Feel free to mix and match titles)
Number of each book(s)
Total U.S. dollar amount of purchase based upon:
1st book = $3.00 shipping and handling = $12.95
2nd book = $2.00 shipping and handling = $11.95 = $24.90
3rd book = $1.00 shipping and handling = $10.95 = $35.85
4th book = free shipping and handling = $9.95 = $45.80
On orders of 4 books or more, there is no additional shipping and handling cost. Simply add $9.95 for each additional copy you wish to purchase. (They make wonderful gifts for everyone!)
(for shipping and handling outside the continental U.S., or when shipping to multiple addresses, please email for exact amount)

And include your name and shipping address

Then go to paypal.com, click on send money and follow the instructions to send the total U.S. dollar amount (figured above) to: theluthier@infowest.com
category of purchase:
: goods (other)
email category: "purchase books"
It's not necessary to relist your order at paypal (but it doesn't hurt either).

Books usually ship within 2 days and are delivered via the U.S. Post Office from the Las Vegas / Southern Utah area. Special or expedited shipping is also available at reasonable prices, just email your request under the heading "price request".

Or, if you wish to pay with a check,
please email: theluthier@infowest.com subject "purchase with check"

And when you've finished reading, please tell a friend...

"The Master Luthier"
has already sold over 10,000 copies at $12.95 and the new 2007 edition is now available as an e-book for just
$4.25 !

Simply email: theluthier@infowest.com enter "The Master Luthier" in the subject line then specify which format you prefer: PDF format (.pdf) "Rich Text Format" (.rtf) "Microsoft word" (.doc) OpenOfficeOrg" (.sxw)

After sending your email order, log onto: paypal.com click on "send money" and follow paypal's instructions to send $4.25 (U.S.) to: theluthier@infowest.com

category: "goods (other)" email subject: "The Master Luthier".

The complete ebook will then be emailed to your email address, If for any reason you do not receive "The

Master Luthier" within 24 hours, please email again and enter: "Book???" in the subject line.

You will be allowed to retain one copy on your computer (or other electronic device), and print out one hard copy. Neither of which may be copied again or resold. This ebook is covered under all copyright laws for all forms of reproduction.