Master Violins, Violas and Cellos
by Kevin Jonathan Lee fecit Tolm
(Kevin Lee Luthier)

For the discerning musician who wants "everything."

·The finest and rarest tone-woods, aged to perfection.
· The highest level of craftsmanship and artistic expression, without compromise.
Baltic amber, dragon's-blood and linseed oil varnish.
The finest fittings, the finest strings.
Stunning visual beauty with the patina of the old Cremonese masters - without the headaches of old repairs.
And most importantly of all: a freedom of response, a balance of tone and a range of dynamics that can only be described as "legendary."

Traditional and "timeless"





Mild flame, medium toning (wear),
"old" patina

Slab cut back, light toning
"transparent" patina

Deep, quarter-sawn flame, very light toning, "transparent" patina

Deep, med-wide flame, medium toning "ultra transparent" patina

Violin Colors

Violin Back

Violin Scroll



Deep red varnish, medium-high toning

Almost any color is available in almost any transparency

as well as
the finest sound
"to match"

Medium-high toning with more transparent varnish

Traditional FF holes
(medium toning)

"Florentine" scrolls and sound openings

Violin Florentine ScrollViolin Florentine ScrollViolin FlorentinesViolin Florentine Scroll



To many musicians, Florentine scroll eyes and sound openings (simply referred to as "Florentines" instead of f-holes) are the
"epitome of elegance."

Two special violins with “Florentine” scrolls and sound openings.

With original violins anything is possible...



Angel Violin

Phoenix legend


Florentines and a slab back

Florentines with Roses

"Subtle" themes or legends

The legend of the Phoenix

The legend goes all the way around the ribs

More "Unique" examples

A reminder: These are true master instruments. The themes are not simply "painted on." They are part of the wood (like a deep tattoo) and appear holographic in the flames of the wood. As the top varnish wears away (usually over many lifetimes) the colors become even more lively and vibrant.

Violin Side

Clay Angel Violin

Angel Violin

Mermaid Violin

The belly and rib of a violin depicting the legend of “The Clay Angel and the Wilted Flower.”

Certainly, one of the most beautiful pieces of wood in the world.

The slab cut back of the original "Clay Angel" violin.

Some Master instruments are
"simply beautiful"
The original "Clay Angel" violin.

A special “theme” violin appropriately entitled

The Sea”

Possibly the finest viola of all.

Viola Scroll


Viola Back

Viola Scroll

Fine Viola

Every master instrument's "soul" is unique and their individual voices will appeal to different people.

Yet, some stand out above the rest.

When first created, this viola was independently appraised at over $50,000 in New York. Since that time, this instrument has been compared with many of the finest creations of Gaspar DaSalo, Paolo Maggini, Peter Guarneri and Antonio Stradivari in Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center, etc., and was chosen above them all, every time, by multiple audiences.

This viola currently resides in Boise, Idaho U.S.A..

Hear and "feel" the difference for yourself

Violins start at $27,000, violas $31,000, cellos $65,000
There are no limits.

Note: Everything has been sold and there is a two year waiting list.
When I can take additional orders for musical instruments I will let it be known here.
In the meantime, enjoy the next best thing: “Two Trees,” then help inspire a friend.

Thank you.

The finest violins (and their cases) are made in Tolm...


From Ortelius' "Threatre of the World," 1570.

The violin shop is located outside any city limits in the American Southwest in an area historically known as Tolm.
(Approximately 120 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada near the small town of Leeds, Utah)

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