The Wild Side

Special Note / Legal Disclaimer for "The Wild Side":
Do not attempt anything shown or described herein unless you are a responsible person with proper supervision and have the legal right to do so. Many things have been performed outside any city limits or even countries boundaries, and may require special licenses and/or permits. If you do not plan on complying with all the laws and regulations where you live these are not appropriate topics for you.

We will not be responsible for anyone's lack of judgment or character.

Blowing up stray boulders with dynamite
(“Similar” to the boulders used in the game “Bone Guys” mentioned in “Choice of Loves”)

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A five foot diameter boulder that landed in a water ditch where heavy equipment couldn't easily get to it.

A hole was drilled with a gas powered jackhammer (notice jackhammer to right and arrow above boulder) then dynamite was “added.”

What was left.

Blowing up whatever seems appropriate (or just plain fun)

Exploded car

A friend's car broke down and he asked if he could park it at the violin shop for a few days. After a few months, I decided to let him know how I felt about it.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

The Barrett 82-A1


50 Caliber BMG


More information and photographs will be added later. Please check back.

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The Barrett's muzzle brake and shock absorbing systems allow an experienced marksman to fire over a thousand rounds accurately at 1000 meters and still be able to shoot again the next day. It's easier on the shoulder than most 30-06s, 7mms and 12 gage shotguns, though ALWAYS wear the highest level of ear protection (ear plugs AND ear muffs are recommended) and ALWAYS attend a hunter safety course before shooting any firearm.

Barrett 82A1

Barrett 82A1

50 Balibur BMG

Barrett 82A1

The 82-A1 is the finest of its kind, and for those whose lives depend upon it, well worth the price.

A few notes for those who have read "Choice of Loves" (The Book of Honor).

A typical 22 long-rifle cartridge (left), the 50 caliber BMG (center), and a 223 (M-16) round (right).

While the 82-A1 utilizes the Browning 50 caliber machine gun round, it is (as it should be) a semi-automatic rifle.

Barrett 82-A1

Muzzle Brake

Barrett 82-A1

Barrett Receiver

The "business end" of an 82-A1.

The muzzle-brake vents force most of the gas backward, greatly reducing the "kick" against the shoulder.

Dual springs and a shock pad support the "floating" barrel.

To finish; another shock pad behind the bolt, a large cushioning spring and a cushioned shoulder pad.

The Barrett 82-A1 is the rifle used in the movie "Navy SEALS," and fires the round referred to in "Tremors 2."

Special cautions for the 82-A1 (and there are many others)

No matter how much previous experience you have with firearms, always begin with someone previously experienced with the 50 caliber BMG round.

Civilians should never shoot tracers or incendiaries through the Barrett 82-A1 unless they plan on starting a fire (or fires). In other words, no matter how "cool" it sounds, or how tempting it is to do so, don't do it!

Never shoot directly at thick steel plates (especially armor plating) from distances less than 100 meters. As the slug enters, the copper "skin" can be peeled off and thrown directly back at you with as much speed and force as an ordinary bullet. (A scar on my right arm will attest to this fact.)

Never forget how easily bullets ricochet; that even deeply buried rocks can be reached with the 50 caliber BMG round and that the lethal range of an 82-A1 is over 8 miles.

Gila Monsters

Warning! Though cute, Gila Monsters are very venomous!

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Gila Monster

Gila Monster 2

Gila Monster 3

Gila Monsters can look a lot like ordinary lizards (especially when young like this one), yet notice the black face and “beaded” skin.

Even though I saved his life, this Gila Monster hissed viciously whenever I was closer than 3 feet away (the hiss sounded like a small kitten's and just as loud).

Free at last.

Gila Monster 4

Gila Monster 5

Gila Monster 6

An up close look at “Julio” (an adult Gila Monster with similar markings to the one above)
Special note: The hands you see are those of an authorized representative of the State of Utah,
Do not try this yourself!

Gila Monsters blend in well with Southern Utah. They eat small rodents and birds, among other things, and especially like the young, helpless or even dead. A little gruesome, yet being gruesome just seems to add to their mystic.

Isn't he beautiful?

If you like explosives and other fun things, you'll like: Choice of Loves” (The Book of Honor)

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